Crimson College Consulting Reflects Back and Looks Ahead to 2017

As we reflect back on the past year, we are extremely grateful to all of our wonderful clients who have allowed us to walk with them during their college admissions journey. The class of 2016 is now home for winter vacation and many of them have already come to visit us with exciting stories of their first semesters at college! We look forward to checking in with the rest in January.

It is thrilling to hear about such differing experiences − schools in big cities and in remote rural areas, from New York to Florida, Pennsylvania to Michigan, and everywhere in between. And each student is thriving as they explore their chosen majors − nursing, engineering, graphic arts, international relations, creative writing etc. It is a privilege to work with such a talented group!

The Senior Class

Our class of 2017 is just about finished submitting their applications. Although most students will not receive their admission results until late March, we already have much to celebrate with acceptances from Columbia University, Marist, the University of Hartford, Philadelphia University, the University of Alabama, Boston College, Emmanuel, Coastal Carolina, Roanoke, and so many others. Plus, the merit scholarships received so far exceed $100,000 per student!

So what’s in store for Crimson College Consulting in 2017?

College Application Boot Camp

This summer, my associate Ford Fischer and I will be conducting a public, weeklong college admissions “boot camp” in Middleton, MA for non-client, rising seniors. Participating students will complete their Common Application and a suite of essays, create a resume that showcases their talents, prepare for admission interviews, and take part in a mock admissions committee meeting to learn how their applications will be evaluated. Please help us spread the word!

Private College Admissions Boot Camps

Did you know that Crimson College Consulting offers private boot camps for groups of 7 or more juniors and rising seniors? Just gather a group of friends, teammates, youth group buddies, or neighbors together, and we will create a customized boot camp at your home, club, or a location of your choosing. This is also a great employee benefit for corporations so be sure to ask your employer to consider being a sponsor.

Referral Rewards

We love it when you recommend Crimson College Consulting to others, and indeed, many of our clients have come to us through word-of-mouth referrals. Starting in 2017, we will be rewarding our student-clients with a $100 Amazon gift card each time they recommend us to a friend who ultimately signs up for one of our packages or boot camps.

“High School to College” Transition Workshops

Our comprehensive and premium packages include a unit in early summer on the transition from high school to college including topics like what to pack, roommate problems, pledging a fraternity or sorority, the college dating scene, where to get academic support, and more. Since so many of our students have asked us to repeat the unit for their friends, this year, we will be offering two new transition workshops that will be open to the public – one for students and one for parents. Watch for details this spring and invite anyone you know who hopes to have a wonderful college adventure!